Why Squatter®

Squatter® is Australia’s Iconic Game with a huge following and strong brand awareness

Squatter® has been entertaining families for nearly 60 years and is loved by many millions of Australians. This authentic Australian classic is the ultimate family game — Squatter® is highly educational and entertaining.

When it comes to Squatter® the figures speak for themselves

Squatter® can be found in 1 of 15 Australian households

On sale for nearly 60 years with great brand awareness

Australia’s best selling board game with 500,000 copies sold

Having a Toy Shop without Squatter® is like having a Milk Bar without Milk, having a Café without Cappuccinos or having a Newsagent without the Weekly Times!

Richard Lloyd — Owner of Squatter

Squatter® is Educational

There is no better way to learn, than by having fun, playing a game. Squatter® is rich in history, Australian culture, our way of life, our poetry and much more. This game enriches everyone who plays it. Squatter® is so authentic and real that Agriculture Colleges and Schools employ it to teach many subjects: Business Management, Economics, Farming, History, Accounting, Social Skills, Mathematics; to name a few.

Skills that Squatter® Teaches

Squatter® is perfectly adaptable to happily entertain two people or just as easily provide great fun, conversation and entertainment for 3, 4, 5 or 6 players.

Richard Lloyd — Owner of Squatter

Squatter® History and Origins

To many, the word “Squatter” means someone who illegally lives on another persons property. In Australia this usually means settling on public lands without license, however it is generally accepted that a squatter is one who occupies crown lands under a lease or license. These photos of Squatter’s history and origins give an overture of the depth of Squatter® and helps explain why it has been so popular since it was first published in 1962.

Squatter® is Endorsed by Australian Wool Innovation Ltd.

Squatter® provides a genuine insight into real life farming. Squatter® has been commended by the Royal Agriculture Society, The Minister of Agriculture and the Woolmark Company for it’s contribution to the Sheep and Wool Industry. The Woolmark Company, which replaced The Australian Wool Bureau, has approved the use of the Woolmark logo because of the relevance Squatter® has to the wool industry.

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI)
The Woolmark Company